Swimming leassons


We learn by playing, and you? Join us!
The structure will be similar to previous years, this year will directing the Ezequiel Fernández. From july the 3rd until setember the 1st.
Sunday the 25th of June will be the information day in Vilopriu at 17h.

The age groups are:
Group Age With parents
Crancs From 2 to 4 years old Yes
Nemos From 5 to 7 years old No
Piranyes From 7 to 9 years old No
Pops More than 9 years old No
* Initially the course will be organized like this, but you can make changes due to different group needs.


The schedules are as follows:


Schedule Monday Wednesday Friday


Crancs Crancs Crancs


Nemos Nemos Nemos


Piranyes Piranyes Piranyes


Pops Pops Pops


Prices are as follows:


no members
members* no members members* no members members* no members members*
2 months 1 month
1/2 month 1 week
155 € 120 € 85 € 65 € 45 € 35 € 25 € 20 €
* You can check the swimmingpool membership fees and entrance fee at the following link.
* To make the course swimming is not necessary to pay the entrance to the pool. But if you want to use the swimmingpool before or after the swimming course, you have to pay the entrance fee.
Parents who want to be on the terrace of Restaurant-Swimming will not have to pay the entrance to the pool.
Call us at 633 237 609 or 872 72 99 63, send a mail to info@naturaldosis.com or contact here for inscriptions and more information.
Registrations will be directly in the pool Vilopriu on 11 June, by email at info@naturaldosis from May 2 or physically Vilopriu the pool from 23 June.
- Swimming Courses Registration Card 2017 (in catalan)
Brief summary of the contents of the courses, which will be adapted to the specific needs of each child and the whole group:
- For the little ones we focus on familiarization in the aquatic environment and overcome fears. Learning will be making games flotation, breathing and coordination in order to gradually introduce different styles of swimming. Progressively Exercises that participants will learn and purchased subsequently coordination and body movement awareness depend on each style.
- In courses for older we seek to learn and improve their skills in a playful way, so that they can acquire a fluid style, harmonious and effective.
You can follow all the information and breaking news (date changes or cancellations for bad weather) at www.facebook.com/vilopriunaturaldosis