Casal NaturalDosis 2018 is suspended


Casal NaturalDosis 2017 is a summer daily camp for children from 3 years to 16 years old.

Dear parents,

We present the Casal NaturalDosis 2017: the most exciting Casal in Emporda!

You can download the educational project on the following link or at the end of this page:

- The educational project (in catalan)

Sunday May 28 will be the first information day at the Adventure Parc in Ventalló and a second information day on June 11 at the Adventure Parc in Ventalló. Both sessions will be from 11 am to 13 pm and again from 17h to 19h. During the two days will present the educational project, registrations and payments will also be made.

This season, the Casal will begin June 22 and end on September 1st. There will be a day Casal 4,5,6,7 and 8 September if obtained form a group.

The structure of the team remains the same as other years, Jaume Sellares director of the house and Cristina Freixa coordinator. The children will be divided into three age groups and each group coordinators are:

    - Group from 3 to 5 years.
    - Group from 6 to 12 years.
    - Group from 13 to 16 years


Important: From the june 29th  to the end the Casal will take place only in Vilopriu because of the closing of the Adventure Park due to maintenance

The Casal has two logistics centers, Adventure Parc in Ventalló and Restaurant-SwimmingPool in Vilopriu.. You can find locations here.

- Monday: collection point at Adventure Parc in Ventalló

- Tuesday: collection point at Restaurant-SwimmingPool in Vilopriu.

- Wednesday: collection point at Adventure Parc in Ventalló

- Thursday: collection point at Restaurant-SwimmingPool in Vilopriu.

- Friday: collection point at Adventure Parc in Ventalló


The Casal schedule is as follows:

- Early morning service: 8:30 am to 9:00 am

- Morning: from 9:00 to 13.00

- Dining service: from 13.00h to 15.00h

- Afternoon: from 15.00 to 17.00


The Facebook page of the Casal where you can see more photos of the house in 2016 and where you can find immediate information of the Casal in 2017 is as follows: . If you see any setbacks that made the house change of location, schedule, schedule ... always published on this page on Facebook and will be communicated to all the emails that you provide the entry forms.

You can download the necessary documents to make entries in the following links or bottom of this page (black and white is enough):

- The registration form (in catalan)
- Permits, registration and medical card (in catalan)


Payments can be made by bank transfer or during information days. At the bottom of this page explained in more detail.

All children who have been in previous years and preference will receive an email on 1 May. If you wish to add to the list of emails just send a mail with your name


Here the prices specified by the various forms standard (always consecutive days):



Half day

Full day

All the season

480 €

580 €

Two months

415 €

490 €

One month

220 €

270 €

Two weeks

110 €

145 €

One week

65 €

80 €

Sporadic days without pack and with reservation

16 €

20 €

Sporadic days without pack and without reservation

18 €

23 €

* 5% discount for brothers. 5% discount for registrations made before 29 May. Maximum discount 5%.

The price includes Casal T-shirt, for longer than a week registrations.

There will be a camp on July 27 a night for the children of the house and another 24 in August for the price of 5 € per child / a, which includes breakfast.

The menu is priced at 5 euros a day (discounts do not apply). If you have purchased or PACKS not been notified, the price will be 6 euros. If the child / door their own lunchbox, the escort service from 13h to 15h is free.

This year we introduce the packs to improve the flexibility and control of the Casal. There are parents that are difficult to predict what days to take their children home, but they know it will be often. So we created PACKS. How?

- the packs are cheaper than sporadic days. Packs must be purchased in advance and will be for family. Can not be shared between families. Always notify at least the day before if you want to take the child / in the Casal, although they have PACKS.

Casal PACK:



Half day

Full day

 20 days

230 €

300 €

 15 days

175 €

230 €

 10 days

120 €

155 €

 5 days

70 €

85 €


menu PACKS:



 20 days

100 €

 15 days

75 €

 10 days

50 €

 5 days

25 €


If you want more information call us at 633 237 609 or 872 72 99 63, send a mail to or contact here for more information.